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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Father William Gill about his encounter with UFO

A Spider The Size Of My Hand...And I have The Photo..

The garden spider outside my front door is getting bigger as there are so many tiny flies this year ~I counted 14 in its web one morning and two house flies ....which it took somewhere. Its webbing is tough as sewing cotton and I have to clear from across the front door (I leave it on the other side of the doorway) every day and, yes, I do apologize to her.

Big as my hand! Seriously, only about 1.5cms but I needed to focus the camera (HAH!!) and this shows an old trick you'll see in hunting and fishing photos to make the catch bigger. 
Spider to fore and my hand 15cms )6") behind it.
The fuzzy photo I left as you can see the 'face' on its body.

 This is why I need money because other than food a good camera comes in handy!

What the photo SHOULD show!

Araneus diadematus

Garden spiders vary in colour from pale yellowy-brown to very dark brown, but they all have a characteristic white cross-shaped group of spots on their abdomen. They are widespread and common throughout the UK, except in some areas of northern Scotland.
These spiders spin orb webs to catch their prey – flying insects. Orb webs are the most advanced spider webs, built by laying spirals of silk around radial threads. They sit in the centre of their web rushing out and wrapping any caught insect in sticky silk.


Nature: You NEVER Stop Learning

The cat food left by the cats was going down but no cats or birds.....?

I stand there and....hover~flies...two at a time coming and taking lumps of meat almost as large as their heads. two hours later still going at it.

The wasp/bee pattern is camouflage and having watched wasps kill flies in the same dish a few months back I know why!

Called "mock bees" and "mock wasps" they have NO stinger but morons still kill them.they are also sometimes called "flower flies", or "syrphid flies" and they make up the insect family Syrphidae. They are often seen hovering or nectaring at flowers; the adults of many species feed mainly on nectar and pollen, while the larvae (maggots) eat a wide range of foods.

Best photo is not mine but gives a better view. Love watching these in sunny weather.

Never seen them grabbing cat food before

Same plate 30 minutes later....

Sunday, 15 October 2017

New Book Almost Complete

 It has taken three months of solid 12 to 15 hour long days (and a lot of pain!) but the new book is almost ready.

Two months ahead of schedule and just just the final photo editing to complete.

People who have had sneak peeks have said it will "be a bomb blast to Ufology" and most agree that debunkers and ufologists are going to hate me.  Job done then!

Thursday, 5 October 2017

National Fox Welfare Society

Thousands of foxes that would have died of illness or injury have been helped by the NFWS over the years and they do not charge a penny and all animals are treated from NFWS funds.

Please, if you can donate toward their continuing work think about doing so.


NB: this blog is not associated with the NFWS nor its work but I am all too aware of the great work done by the volunteers.  

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

A Bigfoot Book?

Just in case...a quick note.  I got a rather angry email yesterday asking what right I have as "an Englishman" to write a Bigfoot book.

Please, I am British with a dose of German.

Also as a naturalist and researcher I have every right.

Thing is I have NEVER written a book on Bigfoot. Chapters in books and blogs but not a whole book.

"Budd545" read one of my books with the wildmen and sasquatch chapters.  You'll have to BUY a copy though.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Was 1973 The Year of the Humanoids for the UK?

Antonio asked via email "was 1973 a big year for Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind in England?"

Okay, I assume he meant UK ~England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland~  rather than just England?  The answer, looking at my files, is no.  There were a few unusual cases that year but the best may have been hypnagogic percipients so if you rule those cases as well as known hoaxes,etc was a dull year.

The problem is that statistics for that year, as with other years, may have given an incorrect overview. There are hoaxes, psycholog ical cases, misidentifications and even natural phenomena all mixed up and that gives an impression of a massive UFO wave.  In some cases investigators spent days or weeks looking into LITS (Lights In The Sky) yet ignored (I am not joking: I have the files) a multiple witness landing of a "UFO" on a US highway that also involved an entity.

For the UK 1977~1980 was the highest period of reports.  Below is the file for that period.

Again, a lot of these can be explained but the odd gem pops through that you can only explain if you prefer to adopt the "let's ignore the facts" ~the  Bob Taylor, Livingston, case is one such. Dismissing Forensic Science Services test results in that case shows how dim some investigators are...but let's call it "Venus", heh?

Some cases in this file will be going into my new book, by the way.  Some have never been published before and some are so obscure they featured in a news letter or info sheet and that was it.  Forgotten. But a little work and you can add some extra detail not available at the time.

Research is never over and I still find snippets top add to old cases.